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Movie - Love Knocks (2002)

Really cool - Love Knocks movie

Movie Premier in 2002.


Color Info: Color
Countries: USA
Genres: Short, Romance
Languages: English
Locations: Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Runtimes: 8
Sound Mix: Stereo
Tech Info: RAT:1.33 : 1
Release Dates: USA:30 June 2002

In movie played:

Jonathan Spencer (actor)
Got his start recurring as Jonny Y2K on the nationally syndicated, shock-jock radio program, The Regular Guys., Grand nephew of actress Sarah Cunningham and her husband the late John Randolph., Collects '60s Gibson electric basses and guitars., Toured with belligerent party bands Ween and Widespread Panic and played in his own bands in Athens, Georgia in the 90s and is often confused with "Jon Spencer" of the Blues Explosion - no relation., Plays bass guitar through a "bigmuff" sound effects pedal. sometimes credited as "Jonny Bigmuff"., Worked at a talent agency and as a casting director., Since 2007 has played in the band Dawn Soir with Laura Slade Wiggins.
Jonathan (never "John") be a partaker of the Academy Theatre Teen Ensemble underneath the direction of Kenny Leon and Carol Mitchell-Leon bounded by Atlanta,GA in the 1980s. He studied David Mamet at Depauw University in the precipitate '90s. Known all for his cruel meaning to everything classic bang, Jonathan play a fuzz boxed bass guitar in bar in Athens, Georgia through incomparable of the 90s and by into the millennium. He finishing but not lowest handy found his opening to Hollywood in July 2003. He was the principal Casting Director on on the side films that compete in Slamdance and the Tribeca Film Festival early making the colourful practise reverse cellar of departing cast for full-time acting. He earn his SAG card on the feature motion forethought Lightning Bug and on his pilot channel in Hollywood he was upgrade to principal in a CBS sports promo near Samuel L. Jackson. Jonathan never look back. In merely a brace of years, he enjoy retained over and done with a dozen national commercial, as resourcefully as the Holy Grail ... a starring role in a 4th qtr Superbowl speck. Jonathan incredibly before long recur on the deck TV show evidence of Gilmore Girls. You can customarily find him lurk deferred at darkness in the night desert street of Studio City, California.
Other Works: Starring role as President of Scrimp N Save Rent-A-Car in summer 2004 national Hertz campaign, Principal roles in commercials with Lucy Liu and Samuel L. Jackson in 2004, Tearout baseball card in a full page ad in Sports Illustrated magazine, 2005 National TV and Print campaign for Miller Lite. He is Referee Kline Spenser., Lead machete enthusiast in the Emerald Nuts commercials (2006), starring role in 2006 Superbowl commercial for Emerald Nuts, Dial For Men soap campaign TV ads (2006), 2007 national commercial for Embarq - he's the hero guy in the tattoo parlor, 2007-2008: commercials for State Farm Insurance. Jonathan stars in both the English and Spanish versions., 2007-2008: Japanese commercial for Kure 5-56, 2007-2008: commercials for Old Mutual financial services, 2007-2008: series regular role of Ryan on the webisode "The IT Room", Pilot for TNT - "The Joe Bob Briggs Report", Pilot for BET - "The J. Anthony Brown Show"
Nick Names: Bigmuff, Jonah, Spence

Mandy Hancock (actress)

Michelle Kegley (actress)

Nicole Slaughter (actress)
Nick Names: Nikki
Born contained by Chicago, her parents moved to Georgia when she be 4 years outdated. Nicole was raise in the elfin town of Lithonia and take aware acting in institute at Clark Atlanta University. She graduate in 1999 and moved to California where on earth she found sweat in dump of an excessive all for Central Casting. Years subsequent, she return to Atlanta and be presently represent via the The Burns Agency.
Birth Notes: Chicago, Illinois, USA
Where Now: (September 2007) Lives in Atlanta with her husband and two children.
Spouse: 'Warren Pemberton' (7 July 2007 - present); 2 children
Birth Date: 7 August 1974

Kelly Tippens (actress)

Andres Ovalle (producer)

Jon Swindall (producer)
His parents are David and Linda., Has a sister Elizabeth., Is 3rd cousins with 'Faye Dunaway' (qv)., His uncle is 'Patrick Swindall' (qv)., His cousin is 'Molly Swindall' (qv).

Matt Adkisson (writer)

Tricia Anbinder (writer)

Elizabeth Bailey (writer)

Amanda Darley (writer)

Jonathan Levy (writer)

Matt Lynn (writer)

Adam Pinney (writer)

Jon Swindall (writer)
His parents are David and Linda., Has a sister Elizabeth., Is 3rd cousins with 'Faye Dunaway' (qv)., His uncle is 'Patrick Swindall' (qv)., His cousin is 'Molly Swindall' (qv).

Andres Ovalle (cinematographer)

Elizabeth Bailey (director)

Eric Potter (editor)
Birth Notes: Anderson, South Carolina, USA
MFA from American Film Institute
Birth Date: 1 April 1971


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